The Darkness Dwells Within

Content Warning: This short story is pretty heavy and might be triggering as it contains assault and self harm. It started out so innocuous so small that he didn’t even notice a change. It was a recess in second grade and a bigger kid from a few grades older pushed him down and took aContinue reading “The Darkness Dwells Within”

In which we talk about how Peter Jackson wronged the Dwarves

I really promise this entire site, blog, whatever isn’t just going to be me bashing LOTR movies and the poor creative decisions they made. Also I understand that many many people love the LOTR movies. However I think criticism is valid even for something you like. Especially for things you like. I could also goContinue reading “In which we talk about how Peter Jackson wronged the Dwarves”

The Case for Optimistic Sci-Fi Heroes

Writer’s Note: I originally wrote this a few years ago and some of it is out of date though I’ve tried to update a few part of it but if it feels like I wrote this without taking into consideration some of the new movies and shows that have come out, well yes it didContinue reading “The Case for Optimistic Sci-Fi Heroes”

Why book Aragorn is my favorite and movie Aragorn is dull

First and foremost I have mad respect for one Viggo Mortensen and his abilities as an actor, his rather down to earth nature, and all around signs of being a decent human being. So we’re going to ignore the acting portrayal of Aragorn because actors tend to do a pretty decent job in most bigContinue reading “Why book Aragorn is my favorite and movie Aragorn is dull”

About my Writing Process

Hello there. Thanks for visiting my site and looking around. I hope you’ve gotten to know a little bit about me and have had a chance to read the short story(s) available. I promise there is a lot more content coming soon™ and I hope you will enjoy it. Right now I want to giveContinue reading “About my Writing Process”